Life Is Strange True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors opening scene stars a hopeful Alex, before things go wrong

'So, you'll be dealing with people.'
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Square Enix unveiled the Life is Strange: True Colors opening scene yesterday to set the stage for the upcoming adventure. The teaser shows main character Alex Chen, who sees other people’s emotions in color. Although it is brief, the scene gives some context to the start of Alex’s journey.

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The teaser video features Alex from a third-person perspective as she speaks to her social worker, who is off camera. Alex has spent eight years in a foster care group home and will soon head out on her own for a new life. Alex confirms that she will move in with her brother, Gabe, in Colorado, but her social worker seems unsure of the decision. When Alex says that she might work at a bar alongside her brother, the woman replies, “So… you’ll be dealing with people.”


That doesn’t sound very reassuring. Alex and her social worker go on to talk about her “issues,” which Alex’s brother is unaware of. Presumably, the pair are talking about Alex’s psychic power to absorb and manipulate emotions. The Life is Strange: True Colors opening scene ends with Alex declaring that she will be a “normal girl in a normal town” as hopeful music plays in the background. Given what we know about the story so far, it seems Alex’s journey will be far from normal.

Another mystery to solve

For those who are unfamiliar, the Life is Strange series follows young characters with various unexplained paranormal abilities. Each game brings a new cast of characters with new powers and a unique story. As players learn to harness these powers, they make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story.

Square Enix just announced Life is Strange: True Colors last month and explained that Alex will have to use her power to solve the mystery of her brother’s fatal accident once she moves to Colorado. The game is available for pre-order now before it arrives on Steam and other platforms on September 10.

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