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Lord of Thunder is the third and final DLC for Code Vein‘s first Season Pass, and it’s available now. The first DLC required players to extinguish the Hellfire Knight. The second one featured a frigid fight against the Frozen Empress. Now, this last DLC pack brings another elemental titan for you to battle: the Lord of Thunder.

The latest DLC from Bandai Namco Entertainment holds the usual slew of new goodies for your Revenants. You can acquire new lightning-imbued elemental weapons, new Blood Veils, new Blood Codes, and new costumes for your partners.

Ride the lightning

To get your hands on Code Vein‘s new lightning weapons, you’ll first have to take down the new Horror of the Great Collapse, the Lord of Thunder. Players will need to venture into the Eternal Abyss, a new part of the Depths where the Lord of Thunder reigns. When you attempt to battle the Lord, beware the lethal lightning bolts he conjures with his wings.

There are three new weapons for players to collect. There’s a two-handed sword called Fulmen Blade, a lightning ball-shooting bayonet rifle called Thunderbolt, and a polearm called Lightning Brionac.

Code Vein Lord Of Thunder DLC Lightning Weapons

The lightning-type polearm, Lightning Brionac.

Blood Codes are what give your Revenants their powers. Along with weapons, these codes define your playstyle, and Lord of Thunder adds three new ones for players to unlock. Vali imitates the power of the Lord of Thunder, giving your Revenant lightning Gifts and allowing them to strike with a barrage of attacks. Orion is a Blood Code optimized for ranged attacks. And Perseus provides you extremely high Mind and Willpower to allow you to focus on wielding Gifts.

Through the Horror Hunting Trials, players can also hunt new achievements to unlock new rewards. And, as mentioned earlier, there is also a new wardrobe of costumes for you to earn for your companions.

A cracker or a dud?

The previous two Code Vein DLCs were not met with much enthusiasm from fans. The general opinion was that they lacked depth and most things were simply copies of already existing content. Hopefully, the third time’s the charm and Lord of Thunder delivers a better product.

You can pick up Code Vein: Lord of Thunder for PC through Steam for $9.99. You can also grab it, along with the Hellfire Knight and Frozen Empress DLCs, as part of the Season Pass for $24.99.

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