Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth includes a goofy beach life-sim mode with lots of customization

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Today’s Xbox Partner Preview event offered a first look at several games on their way from third-party publishers, including the much-anticipated Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Today’s update focused on island activity, which takes place on Dondoko Island in Hawaii. The Like a Dragon games (until recently known in the West as Yakuza) typically feature extensive side activities to keep players busy between battles. It seems Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will offer more besides.

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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Forniture Placement Dondoku Island
Image: Xbox Partner Preview

In the footage shown, Ichiban Kasuga rides dolphins and runs along scenic trails in a tropical paradise. It didn’t take long before footage showed customization options for a small house the character can acquire. Players will place furniture, such as armchairs, sleeping mats, and toilets, to furnish the sparse environment.

An island of options

Additional footage showed players making more extensive modifications across the island while interacting with a cast of goofy characters typical of the franchise. I’ve always appreciated how the Like a Dragon games provide comic relief to balance out some of the darker moments. The Dondoko Island activities fit the bill.

According to RGG Studio Chief Producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto, who spoke with Mike Nelson in a short interview for Xbox Wire, the Dondoko Island destination becomes available at the start of the campaign’s sixth chapter. Players will be able to progress independently of the main story, whenever they need a breather.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is due to arrive on Xbox Series X and PC on January 26, 2024. If you haven’t played some of the other recent games in the series, consider catching up ahead of that date.

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