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Early in your journey through Like a Dragon: Ishin, you find yourself the owner of a plot of land where you can grow a garden. This relaxing activity quickly turns into one of the most reliable ways to generate income and Virtue in the game. You can make it more lucrative still with help from a good friend: manure. First, though, you have to find some. Here is our guide on how to get fertilizer in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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How to get fertilizer in Like a Dragon: Ishin

When you spread a bit of fertilizer over your garden, you cause anything you’ve planted to grow much more quickly. Once you have sufficiently upgraded your garden, a good dose of manure will sometimes even cause basic plants to sprout immediately. It’s just that good.

To get fertilizer, you need to either buy it or earn it as a reward. There is one vendor who you can rely on to give you crap, provided you’re willing to part with some money in exchange. The Manure Merchant roams the area around West Shijo Street. It’s the main road leading through Rakunai. You’ll find him carrying a pole over his shoulders, with containers hanging from either end like the Scales of Justice. His prices are very reasonable.

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If you would rather not buy the stuff, fertilizer is also available for free. Produce lots of vegetables, then have Haruka sell them at market. When you’re looking at the list of orders, you’ll notice some orders have a gift emblem. Check the details and you will often find fertilizer is that reward. When you fulfill the order, Haruka returns with fertilizer, which makes it easier to quickly fulfill any subsequent orders.

To spread the manure over your garden, you need to have some fertilizer in your active inventory. Visit the shed where you plan what crops to grow. You’ll find that “Scatter Manure” is an option. Make sure to spread some of it over deserving seedlings before you go out on your next adventure.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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