Like a Dragon: Ishin - 'It's a Long Story' substory answers featured

Like a Dragon: Ishin – ‘It’s a Long Story’ substory answers

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Early on in Like a Dragon: Ishin, you’ll run into a woman who talks too much. This kicks off an early substory that forces you to empathize with a separate woman who can’t stand to listen any longer. This Like a Dragon: Ishin substory is appropriately called ‘It’s a Long Story,’ and it’s your job to listen to a loquacious woman in Ryoma’s place. The basic gist is simple: she asks Ryoma to listen to her talk and see just how bad it gets. Naturally, this means that you are the one she’s going to be talking to. Here are the ‘It’s a long Story’ substory answers for Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – ‘It’s a Long Story’ substory answers

Understandably, not everyone is going to care what she has to say. You’re meant to read her dialogue (which goes on for minutes) and remember key aspects of what she’s said. At the end of this section, she’ll then ask you three questions and, if you were paying attention, you should be able to answer them.

Since you’re reading this guide, however, you probably don’t want to read all of that, so I’m just going to tell you exactly what to say. The first question asks you what food she mentioned. While she covered several food items, you have to pick from three possible answers. The correct choice for question one is “bamboo shoots,”

Next up are two other questions, and one is easy. She asks you where she ran into her old friend Kotaro. The right answer to that one is that she saw him outside of a tea shop. Finally, and this is the real freebie, she asks you what her name is. As it’s been onscreen for a while, you almost certainly know. Regardless, her name is Sakiko. Answer that correctly and you’ll clear this section without having to read word after word of pointless minutiae. Personally, I feel for the lady, but I’ll also talk your ear off for hours if you let me.

Those sum up all the answers for the ‘It’s a Long Story’ substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin. Be sure to hit up our guides hub for everything else, from Valor to farming.

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