You will have to link your Final Fantasy XIV Steam account in March

Final Fantasy XIV Account Linking

In an ongoing fight to improve account safety against fraud, Square Enix has announced additional measures to protect Final Fantasy XIV users on Steam. This will require you to link your Steam and Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV account, so you may want to get up to scratch with how this process will work.

The developers are working on rolling out an additional form of account verification for Final Fantasy XIV on Steam. From March 2022, if you log in using a Steam account, you get “prompted to perform a one-time link of” your Steam account and Square Enix account. As mentioned, this only needs to be done once. You don’t have to worry about linking your account every time you log in. When you are linking your Steam and Square Enix accounts, they will have to match the Steam account that is launching Final Fantasy XIV.


Once you have made it through this step, merely need to launch the game from your Steam library. Therefore, you will have to familiarize yourself with the new launcher introduced in patch 6.0. If you are using the original launcher layout, you must make the switch to the new launcher layout.

Simple steps

You may run into issues, though. In order to link the necessary accounts, your Steam account needs to have a Final Fantasy XIV license. To verify if you still have it, open Steam and select your display name. Then, choose the ‘Account details’ option and navigate to the ‘View licenses and product key activations’ section. There may be instances where you find you no longer have a Final Fantasy XIV license. Also, you may not have access to the Steam account that has the license. If any of those apply to you, Square Enix has urged that you contact Steam for further help.

Hopefully, linking the required accounts to play Final Fantasy XIV will not be too much of a headache. With that being said, it is necessary to strengthen your security.

Final Fantasy XIV Account Linking

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