Fortnite Season 6 Literature Samples

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 has arrived. As always, a new week means there are new challenges to complete. Upon completion, you will be awarded some XP towards your battle pass. One of the Season 6 Fortnite challenges requires you to obtain literature samples from Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row. Once you know where to look, the challenge is relatively easy to complete.

You will need to obtain four literature samples in total to complete the challenge. This can be done in one match or across multiple matches. The first literature sample in Lazy Lake is at the gas station, located to the west side of the area. Make your way inside and go to the first floor to find the literature sample. Also, another sample can be found at the Lazy Lake point of interest. There is a literature sample in the underground garage which is the building near the NPC. By going into the garage, you will be able to find the staircase and follow it down.


When hunting down literature samples in Pleasant Park, go to the white brick house to the west. Proceed to go through the front door and locate the bookcase in the living room where you will see the sample glowing in blue. Similarly, you will find another sample on a bookcase in the house where Jonesey The First NPC is located. The sample can be found right next to the NPC.

Fortnite Season 6 Literature Samples

Finally, you can complete the Fortnite Season 6 literature sample challenge by visiting Retail Row. At this location, you can find the sample at the book store next to the water tower. Go inside the book store and you will find the sample on the first floor. The challenge will then be marked as complete.

Fortnite literature samples are worth the time

For you efforts, you will earn 22,000 XP towards your battle pass. Check back regularly for more Fortnite Season 6 guides and tips.

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