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The finale: Full Circle – The ruined house

The finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope takes place in a house that burned down many years prior and it looks quite creepy. As Andrew, you’ll be able to explore it. Soon enough, you’ll realize that it’s the same house from the game’s prologue.


There’s some stuff for you to discover here. The most important one is the game’s 13th premonition “Rope” which has nothing to do with this game at all.

In fact, it depicts a scene from the next game in the series. It’s like what Man of Medan‘s final premonition did for Little Hope.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 1a

Next, check out the last few secrets you’ll spot in your playthrough such as the reverend’s note, the book about parenting, the child’s drawing, and the couple’s portrait. The last one might be relevant for both John and Angela if they managed to survive.

Note: Don’t forget to check out the windows and other openings for some unnerving scenes.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 1b

The grandfather clock also holds a secret. If you pan your camera downwards, you’ll notice a key. I also talk about this in our Little Hope story analysis in relation to the Andover Witch Trials, a historical event that inspired the game.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 1c

Anyway, once you’ve found everything, go upstairs. One of the characters (in my case, it was Taylor) will follow you.

When you step on the broken record, Andrew will have a vision. This one shows the last witch trial, one where the child Mary is accused of devil worship. It’s time to check out Little Hope‘s possible endings starting with the Little Girl, Mary.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 1d

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