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Little Hope‘s endings: The Little Girl

With Mary accused of witchcraft, it’s up to Abraham (the Andrew from the 17th century) to present his case. Keep in mind that your decisions here will determine the type of ending you’ll get in relation to Mary’s narrative arc in Little Hope.


Major decision:

  • Troubled – If you pick this option, you’re presented with another choice. You can either be hopeful or callous.
  • Enraged – If you pick this option, you can either be insistent or callous in the next prompt.

Note: Just to be clear, I’m still uncertain if all of these options will remain present if you make different choices during your Little Hope playthrough. In my case, I avoided the permeating thought that Mary is evil while managing to put the blame on the priest. That might’ve led to these dialogue choices during the game’s finale.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 2

The good ending: The priest is evil

  • Dialogue choices: Enraged -> Insistent.
  • Result: The priest, Samuel Carver, is accused of devil worship. The judge will open the priest’s Holy Bible which shows runic inscriptions. Mary will hug Andrew and tell him that he saved her.

Note: You need to discover the Holy Bible secret in the Museum of Witchcraft as Daniel. When you flip through its pages, you’ll spot the markings made by the priest. This allows Andrew to tell Abraham that the priest is hiding something.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 2a

The neutral ending: Destroy the poppet

  • Dialogue choices: (A) Enraged -> Impatient, or (B) Troubled -> Hopeful.
  • Result: The judge throws the poppet in the flames. It causes a terrible fire to engulf the courtroom. Mary holds onto Andrew. It looks like she may have been saved, but you never discovered the true evil in Little Hope.

Note: I’m not sure if burning the poppet in the Museum of Witchcraft has any influence on this ending. Still, during my Little Hope playthrough, I avoided doing that.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 2b

The absolute worst ending: Mary is evil

Dialogue choices: (A) Troubled -> Callous.

Result: Mary is condemned for witchcraft and is burned at the stake.

You’d think this is the end of her arc. But, alas, more will happen in turn. Let’s take a look at the next part of Little Hope‘s endings: the demons.

Tdpa Lh Fin End 2c

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