Little Hope guide: “Everyone survives” full walkthrough (Theatrical Cut)

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Little Hope: Prologue – Diversion and Family

After the opening cinematic, you’ll find yourself in a quaint home somewhere in Massachusetts.


The prologue for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope acts as a tutorial for the game’s controls and other mechanics.

This includes picking dialogue choices, examining items, and completing the “Keep Calm” button-pressing minigame.

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Eventually, things go awry and a fire breaks out.

Major decision

  • Save Megan – This won’t help matters at all. Even if you run inside the house, Megan will still be consumed by the fires.
  • Save Tanya – You have two options here: use the drainpipe or use the window. If you pick the former, this is actually the outcome seen in Man of Medan‘s 13th premonition. Tanya slips on the ice; her scarf gets tangled, and she ends up hanging and breaking her neck in the process. If you pick the latter, Tanya will still die due to the backdraft and subsequent explosion.

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Note 1: If you attempt to save Megan, or if you choose to save Tanya and then do nothing in the next prompt, Tanya will attempt to escape using the window. She’ll still die. Long story short, it doesn’t appear that you can save anyone at all during Little Hope‘s prologue.

Note 2: Tanya’s manner of death will play an important role as you continue to play Little Hope.

Anyway, with the prologue done, let’s check out the game’s first act.

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