You might not recognize the name Marvelous very commonly in North America. However, the name XSEED bears a different weight to it. The company has since transitioned to be more commonly known as the parent company, Marvelous USA, having its roots in Japan (Marvelous) when it was formed there in 2011. We also got word that, not only is the company is taking part in bringing some impressive titles to the PC market, but it is doing so through distribution channels like Steam, GOG, and possibly even Humble Bundle.
Having spent some time with the XSEED Games/Marvelous camp at a Fall Preview day, it was easy to see that the passion to localize these titles and bring them to an ever-expanding market wasn’t the only goal. Many on scene were simply excited that more people could appreciate the games that were in the works.

The first of those titles hit fairly high acclaim on the Nintendo Wii, many considering it as a “hidden-gem” from the creator of Harvest Moon. Little King’s Story is mostly known for having tidbits of simulation, building, role-playing, and cutesy art style. The gameseemed to nab the¬†the hearts of many, but,¬†amidst the shovelware of the Wii, it has been widely seen as a hidden gem. Now, it receives a complete HD upgrade as it turns to the PC for more notoriety.

Little King’s Story is due out Early 2016.



The next titled in the series might come as a surprise to many. The battling school-girls are back again–and wearing as little clothes as possible. The series is highly known for its female attire, or lack thereof. The game will also see a mutual PC release date, bringing more to the table than just a PS Vita release as also totes the HD upgrade.

The game will now feature English subtitles to match the original Japanese voice-overs. The title is also seeing additional programming as it makes the trip to the PC port, but Executive Vice President of Marvelous USA, Ken Berry, assured me that they were hard at work for the transition.

Our commitment has always been to bring fans the games that they want to play, and we definitely want to show PC gamers as much love as we possibly can. With these announcements, I think we’ve made strides in both of those endeavors,” said Executive Vice President Ken Berry at Marvelous USA.

SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS is due out on PC Summer 2016.
The last title making it’s official PC appearance is Xanadu NEXT. The Japanese title previously developed by Nihon Falcom enlists players to seek out the “Dragon Slayer” sword of legend. The game takes place on the Euro-themed Harlech Island, leaving players to manage inventory and characters much like other true action-RPG’s. The game now reaches localization work in order to bring it a complete release on western shores.
After speaking to Berry, I had asked him what the goal he had in mind when bringing it to the PC. He said, “Finally giving it an official English release.”
The PC release for Xanadu NEXT is due Spring 2016

For fans and enthusiasts, many already known the titles might be in the works. Berry even joked that they “found” the URL listing a while back. What title are you most excited to see on PC? Would you grab all three if they were in a Humble Bundle or Steam Sale? Sound off in the comments below.

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