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January just got a little scarier. And I do mean little. Get it? Yeah, you get it and it’s not funny, I know. A Little Nightmares II demo is now available for everyone to try. Likely no one will be aware that we had a preview of our own of the demo back in October! Now you can play the same one! It’s super frustrating! Not only can you die repeatedly while forcing your way through trial-and-error sections, but you can also watch a trailer of the game where that doesn’t happen. Still, the aesthetic is undeniably great.

But wait! There’s more! To further celebrate/advertise the release of Little Nightmares II, the first game is being given away for free until January 17. Granted, it’s just the base release and not the one with all the DLC, so you’ll still need to purchase that separately if you decide you want the whole shebang. It’s worth mentioning that you’re not guaranteed a code and that those of you who get your hands on one won’t receive it right away. The promotion stipulates that the Steam code will be sent within two weeks of the promotion’s end, so who knows when it’ll pop up in your inbox? Still, free is free.


From the foreground to the background

This is going to have some spoilers for the first game, as will the demo and the trailer. Little Nightmares II takes place after the end of the first game following Six’s escape from The Maw. While Six is still prominently featured in the game, you don’t play as her this time. Instead, you play as a separate kid with a box on his head who is traveling with her. That must be a fairly large disappointment for Six. Getting taken from the main character to an AI companion, but hey. A paycheck’s a paycheck. The game is set to debut on February 10, so we’ve got a little less than a month to go before launch.

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