Little Nightmares, Tarsier Studios’ game about a yellow raincoated child trying to escape a house of horrors, will be released on 28 April. Protagonist Six is trapped inside a building called The Maw, in which each room is a cell-like puzzle.

As well as puzzle solving, there’ll be some sneaking and hiding from The Maw’s dangerous residents. It looks to be in a similar aesthetic vein as Limbo and Inside; shadowy worlds of fear that place their child heroes in peril. Little Nightmares has a bit more of a claymation look, however, typified by the obese cooks in the trailer below.

As is often the case, Bandai Namco want to tempt you into buying the game before it’s actually available. Digital pre-orders in this case will get a couple of in-game masks (a sack and a teapot), plus the game’s soundtrack.

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