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Switch owners have already had the opportunity to play Monster Hunter Rise for almost a year at this point. But thanks to the PC port that came out this January, more players than ever can experience the latest and arguably greatest in Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. With the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion set to come out this summer, players will soon have more reasons to continue plugging hundreds of hours into this massive action RPG. In the meantime, though, Capcom is preparing a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak live stream that will air on March 15. Those excited for the expansion don’t have to wait long to get the information they want.

This live stream, dubbed the “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event,” will last for around 20 minutes, during which Capcom will reveal all sorts of new details and tidbits about the upcoming DLC. Those who tune in to the live stream can expect to hear about new quests, characters, and gear in addition to new and returning monsters that form the lifeblood of any given Monster Hunter game.


What are the details?

Anyone eager to watch the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak stream live can do so at 7 AM PT , or 10 AM ET. Viewers can access the live stream through Capcom’s social media channels, with the option to watch it in either English or Japanese. Whatever news Capcom plans to unveil will likely leave fans’ mouths watering as they anticipate playing around with the expansion’s added features this summer. Hardcore fans of the series will be especially interested to hear about the harder quests that will be added, especially since the base game was frequently criticized for its relatively low difficulty level in comparison to previous titles. Hopefully, Capcom will appease both casual and hardcore audiences with whatever Sunbreak will bring to the table.

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