Livestream description reveals a March release date for Ghostwire: Tokyo [Updated]

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[Update – February 2 @ 7:30 PM ET]: Bethesda has confirmed that the date listed in the description is true. Ghostwire: Tokyo will release on March 25. The livestream will be shared down below.

The original story, published on February 2, is as follows.


Ever since the initial reveal of Ghostwire: Tokyo in 2019, fans have looked forward to the day when they could finally experience it. Long gaps in game updates, as well as some notable developments, left many fans concerned over whether the title would see the light of day. Not only did the game receive a delay from its initial 2021 release date, but the development team also had to deal with the departure of creative director Ikumi Nakamura, and the recent merger with Microsoft. Thankfully, it appears that none of this has spelled doom for Ghostwire: Tokyo, as the description for an upcoming live stream revealed a March 25 release date.

According to the YouTube description, Ghostwire: Tokyo transports players into a world where “nearly all of Tokyo’s population vanishes and paranormal Visitors from another world take their place in the streets.” Players take control of Akito, one of the last survivors remaining in the city, who has to work alongside the spirit KK to fend off the supernatural forces that threaten them.

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For those who care about in-game cosmetics, Ghostwire: Tokyo will grant players with the Hannya and Biker outfits if they choose to preorder the game. Additionally, those who purchase the Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition early will receive the Shinobi Outfit, Kunai Weapon, and Streetwear Fashion Pack.

Fans will no doubt react to the announced release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo with both excitement and a sigh of relief, especially considering how much has happened since the game was first announced. Of course, we do not know how the game will turn out, but at least it hasn’t become vaporware.

Keep in mind that the release date isn’t official, per se. However, we’re fairly confident that the description isn’t mistaken, as it does come directly from the source. We’ll know more following the livestream tomorrow at 5 PM ET.

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