Interview confirms location ping system for Halo Infinite and details on weapon spawns

Halo Infinite Multiplayer lead designer preview changes

Halo Infinite is scheduled for a release this holiday season, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Aside from the last year’s campaign reveal and the short multiplayer reveal at E3 2021, developer 343 Industries has been slow to reveal new details about the game, particularly when it comes to gameplay. Instead, there has been a slow, consistent stream of new details via blogs, tweets, and the like. The most recent confirmation about a ping system coming to Halo Infinite is no different in that regard.

In a very corporate fashion, Microsoft’s 343 Industries periodically releases blogs about employees that work there. The interviews are quite wordy at times, though we do occasionally get to learn a little bit more about the Halo franchise as the employees talk about their roles and contributions. The latest post features Lead Multiplayer Designer Andrew Witts, which should immediately tell you that there’s potential for some interesting new tidbits given Halo’s legendary multiplayer reputation. And Mr. Witts delivers on a few interesting new facts.


Enemies at… uh, the tree over yonder

The main takeaway for those interested in learning more about Halo Infinite is that the long-requested ping system will indeed be in the game. Halo multiplayer has always leaned on teamwork and communication, but the game traditionally relied on voice chat to identify points of importance on the map. As such, teams with good call outs could take their gameplay to the next level.

However, there are some obvious issues with voice chat being the only way to emphasize teamwork. Random players without mics have extremely limited options, while others may have mics but don’t know what to even call specific points on the maps. Apex Legends is one such game that has recently proven how great a ping system can be for any team trying to play tactically. Given that many Halo players also enjoy that game, there has been some seriously strong demand for a ping system in Halo Infinite as of late. With this latest confirmation from Witts, fans can now rest easy in regards to this specific feature.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Ping System

The walls have weapons

Witts also mentioned some other new features, such as how certain walls will feature deployable weapon racks that help keep the action flowing. This can actually be seen in the multiplayer trailer. The way it generally works is that weapon racks will deploy throughout games, giving players opportunities to pick up fresh guns and ammo. It sounds the same as how weapons have always respawned on maps, but now fancier. It’s also a nice nod to the original Halo 2 trailer.

Witts went on to talk about a few other features like setting up the game to support new weapons and equipment as DLC. We’ll be able to see these mechanics in action soon enough when beta tests begin for Halo Infinite begin sometime later this summer. The team still hasn’t mentioned any dates, so stay tuned.

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