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The team-based, tactical first-person shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm is having a free weekend through Steam from now until April 1. Plus, if you find yourself developing a taste for its lethal close-quarters gameplay, you can pick it up for 50% off its usual retail price during the free period.

New World Interactive celebrated Insurgency: Sandstorm‘s first anniversary in December last year with a free weekend. This time around, the free weekend coincides with the game’s big 1.6 update. It’s also just a good time to give gamers a chance to try your game, with the many people around the world being forced to stay indoors in the continued battle against COVID-19.

What’s new in Insurgency: Sandstorm update 1.6?

Insurgency Sandstorm update 1.6 Power Plant

The new Power Plant map with its open central structure and branching passages.

FPS players love new arenas to test their skills in. The latest Insurgency: Sandstorm update delivers this chance to its players in the form of a new map called Power Plant. The tight corners and passageways branching in every direction could hide anything. Most likely, they hide your enemies. So, make sure to keep a teammate at your back as you wade into the corridor combat.

The latest update also adds five new maps to the Domination game mode. Domination requires teams to hold three control points in a relentless, respawn-enabled battle. The new Power Plant map has been added to the mode, as has Refinery, Outskirts, Precinct, and Summit.

Bang, bang

Insurgency is also giving you two new ways to assert your dominance over your opponents: the Tavor 7 and the ACE 52. These two new, fully automatic rifles are highly lethal at close range and from a distance. Loaded with high caliber rounds, they don’t really care much about armor. The Tavor 7 can be used by Security and the ACE 52 by Insurgents.

Otherwise, what do gamers love more than being better than everyone else? Looking better than everyone else. So, New World Interactive has also introduced some new cosmetic options to Insurgency: Sandstorm with the free update.

InsurgencySandstorm New Cosmetics

You can check out the complete patches notes on the Insurgency: Sandstorm website. If you’re looking for some other games to dabble in for free while you’re stuck indoors, you can take a look at Child of Light, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Heroes of the Storm, which has made all its Heroes free-to-play.

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