Fallout 76 Locked And Loaded Update

Fallout 76 has changed radically since its launch. The game now has NPCs you can talk to, the Brotherhood of Steel, and even more content planned for the future. In fact, one of the game’s largest updates this year is arriving this week. The Locked and Loaded update for Fallout 76, which will add new options for player camps, loadouts, and other character traits, will be arriving on April 27.

The first major addition coming to Fallout 76 with this upcoming update is Special Loadouts. Accessed at Punch Card Machines, players with level 25 characters can adjust their SPECIAL scores and even change their perk cards. Once you have a setup build you like you can save it on one of the two available loadout slots. These machines will be located at train stations in the wasteland. If you’re not looking to make the trek though, you can always build one in your camp.


Speaking of camps, camp slots are also coming thanks to the Locked and Loaded update. This system will allow players to build, keep, and swap out multiple camps. The camp slots menu can be found in the game’s map in the top left corner.  From there, players can activate a second camp slot, letting them place another camp without destroying the first. Using the Camp Slots menu, players can also rename their camps, make camp map icons public, and change their icons on the map.

Extra changes for vendors

If you’re not the adventuring type and prefer to earn your camps through mercantilism, this update includes some changes you should like. Namely, vending machines will change. Regardless of which camp they’re in, vending machines will now share one inventory, so you don’t have to reassign the items you’re selling every time you build a new camp. Additionally, powering up a vending machine in your camp won’t make it visible on the map. If you want other players to see your camp on the map, you’ll have to set that from the Camp Slots menu.

A heap of other changes are coming to Fallout 76 with the Locked and Loaded update. You can find a brief list of patch notes here on the Fallout 76 website. A comprehensive video has also been posted on Bethesda’s YouTube channel, which you can see above.

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