Logitech G Embody Immerse technology partnership use ears for better sound, Close Combat Mode included
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Logitech G headsets will use ears to provide better sound

Sounds like a good idea
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Utilizing how each individual ear hears sounds, Logitech G and Embody have announced a partnership to bring Embody’s Immerse technology to the Logitech G line of gaming headsets. Immerse is a personalized spatial audio technology that uses custom AI to scan the user’s ear in order to create a custom profile for your body.

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“The challenge of giving spatial awareness of sound using headsets has persisted for decades. The folds and shape of the outer ear are unique to each individual and change the way we hear the sounds around us. Hence the need for a Personalized Spatial Audio solution,” said Kapil Jain, CEO of Embody. “With Immerse, it is sound crafted for you, not for the masses. We’re excited to work with Logitech G to bring this innovative technology to their gaming headset users worldwide.”

How does it work?

To get a personalized audio profile, users will have to subscribe to Embody’s Immerse service and download the Embody app. Within the app, users use their mobile device to take a picture of their ear, and the AI-based software then develops a profile specific to the body. That profile can then be synced to a compatible headset for use.

Logitech G supported headsets

(photo credit: Logitech)

As far as supported headsets are concerned, the Immerse app will support over a dozen Logitech G devices, including the following:

  • PRO X
  • PRO Gaming Headset (2019)
  • PRO Gaming Headset (2017)
  • G231
  • G233 Prodigy
  • G332/G331
  • G432/G431
  • G433
  • G533
  • G633
  • G635/G633s
  • G933
  • G935/G933s

With the partnership, Logitech G has introduced a “Close Combat Mode” feature. This mode, according to Logitech, claims to allow players to “feel” the game sounds happening nearby around them without losing any sense of direction. The company added that games like Counter-Strike, Assassin’s Creed, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will benefit the most from the feature due to the nature of those games’ combat.

Those interested in trying the new immersive audio can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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