April 21st, 2017

Look with your dark eye: Blackguards screens slink into the light

Blackguards - 01

Ten screens have been released for Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards, a forthcoming hex-based turn-based strategy/RPG title set in The Dark Eye universe. Man, that attempt at pigeonholing was more of a mouthful than I expected.

Blackguards tells the tale of a wanted man, accused of murder and sentenced to death, who escapes to Ascania with a group of other misfits in the hope of starting a new life. As this isn’t The Dark Eye: Harvest Moon, this doesn’t quite go according to plan and he winds up facing “The Shadow of the evil God without a Name.” It’s sad to see that even gods sometimes lack names, so let’s call him Steve from now on. “The Shadow of the evil Steve.” Much better.

There are apparently 190 individual battle maps featuring all sorts of interactive objects to turn the tide of the turn-based battles, and it looks like the combat system itself mmmmmight be heavily based on The Dark Eye system. It’s not an RPG system I’m familiar with, but the mention of stats like “Body Control” makes me think this isn’t just a vague adaptation of mechanics.

Check out the screens below and decide for yourself, anyway.

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