bound by flame (2)

As if being attacked by these things isn’t bad enough, my hand is on fire too.

Spiders Studio, the chaps behind Mars: War Logs and Of Orcs and Men, are working on another RPG. This one, Bound by Flame, will give you control of a fellow with a fire demon inside him. The idea seems to be that the demon will keep tempting you with greater and greater powers (to make the challenge of the game a little less challenging,) but will be granting you these gifts at the expense of your soul.

In other words, to do it on “hard mode” you’ll probably have to stay human and ignore those lovely voices in your head. Like Mars: War Logs, there’ll be a three-strata skill tree covering combat, fire magic and assassination. Presumably the demon can help you out a fair bit with that middle one. FOR A PRICE.

The latest screenshots show a chat with a relaxed dragon, something that looks like the gaping dragon from Dark Souls and some floating insect/spider beasts that Tim probably hates already.

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