Looking for loot: LFG web-comic series launches RPG Kickstarter


LFG: The Fork of Truth

The ongoing Looking for Group: The Fork of Truth Kickstarter campaign raises an important question about truth-related RPG items. Is LFG’s fork more powerful than South Park’s stick? There’s only one way to find out. Fiiiiiggghh … oh, no, not fighting? I’m sorry, the only way to find out is to play both games and make a critical judgement. My mistake.

Of course the only way to make sure you can play LFG: The Fork of Truth at all is by getting its Kickstarter number to $600,000 USD. At that point, you’ll have funded a top-down-ish, hack and slash RPG featuring various characters from the LFG web-comic. Up to four players will be able to take part, filling the roles of Richard, Cale, Benny and Krunch. By the sounds of the pitch video (below,) Richard will be horrendously overpowered but can also damage friends (well, “friends”) with his abilities.

That’s either a recipe for Magicka-style hilarity, or game-breaking design. Let’s hope for the former!

$25.00 USD in pledge-dollars will get you a basic digital copy of the game, but if you want to really splash out you can offer $5,000 USD to get all of the advertised bonuses and a trip to the launch party.