Loopmancer Big Guy Boss Guide

The Big Guy is the first boss that you’ll have to fight in Loopmancer. You’ll find him in a parking garage that serves as an arena right after you clear the Sulphur Building. Here’s our Loopmancer boss guide to help you defeat the Big Guy in Longxi Town.

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Loopmancer Big Guy boss guide

The Big Guy boss in Loopmancer isn’t particularly tough. After all, this is just your first true test in the game. Many of his attacks are easily telegraphed, so this is mostly a way for you to practice your dodging skills. Be forewarned, though, that you could also get the electrocuted debuff if you’re not careful.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to wait for the Big Guy to flash red, indicating a strong melee attack or a special ability. When this occurs, you can dash behind him to deal more damage. There are, of course, some caveats.

Loopmancer Big Guy Boss Guide 1

In any case, here are the Big Guy’s abilities:

  • Lightning Blast – When you see a red flash accompanied by blue tendrils, he can do this attack that hits anything in front of him.
  • Teleport Punch – Alternatively, he can teleport to you if you’re a bit further away. This can occur twice in quick succession as his HP gets lower.
  • Overload – The “tell” here is when he flashes gold/yellow. He’ll smash the ground and create a shockwave in front and behind him. You’ll have to backdash out of the way to avoid this ability.

Once you’ve beaten the Big Guy boss in Loopmancer, you’re not done yet. You still have to traverse Hsi-Ho Aerial Highway, a dangerous section with lots of mobs and moving vehicles. Only then will you reach Wei Long, who’ll happily scurry away. Don’t worry since you’ll eventually battle him in the game’s third level.

Loopmancer Big Guy Boss Guide 2

Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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