Lord Of The Rings Online: Welcome Back Week Announced

Former LOTRO players in Europe are being invited back for a week of free gameplay, and money off the cost of the game and lifetime subscription. From now until 17 May 2010, all former players can come back to the game, update to the latest client and play for free. If, after seeing all the delights LOTRO now has to offer, these players should choose to become a regular subscriber once more, they will be glad to see that the original game Shadows of Angmar and the first expansion Mines of Moria are now up for grabs for just £19.99 GBP. What’s more, the lifetime subscription is only £75 GBP for a limited time. That’s not all though; During this week your characters can travel for free, and there’s an extra 5% bonus XP thrown in. There’s also a chance that some of the monsters you kill will drop rare items that can be exchanged for a selection of other in-game items. If all this sounds good to you, drop by the offer page to download and update the client.

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