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Lords of Football
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Lords of Football goes on sale with nod to Beckham’s golden globes

Lords of Football - golden ball

What kind of a lord are you if you have no access to gold? Not much of one, really. That, and David Beckham’s retirement announcement, are the obvious reasons for Lords of Football to add a ‘golden ball’ nod to its in-game engine.

On successful completion of Beckham-style free kicks in the unusual management sim’s match engine, the ball will turn golden in tribute. It’s somewhat similar to the left-field homage paid to Alex Ferguson by the game earlier this month.

In addition to all that, Lords of Football is 33% off (so, around $20.00 USD to buy) for the rest of the week on Steam. To help you decide if you want to take a chance on it, why not have a read of this review. It just happens to have been written by me.