Hello there. Are the Lords of the Fallen lording it over you? Do you need aid battering some bosses? This guide is here to give you a hand. It covers every boss by name in order of appearance, so the further you scroll down the page the more spoiler-heavy it gets.

A couple of things to bear in mind. I predominantly played a Strength-based warrior guy (with some spell support) throughout the game, so the tips are presented from that perspective. However, I’ve tried to point out places where the Lords/bosses have distinct weaknesses which should apply to all builds. Attack window opportunities should be fairly similar for all builds.

In addition, Lords of the Fallen got a recent patch which claimed to rebalance certain aspects of the difficulty. I doubt this has radically changed boss behaviour (animation times and the like,) but it’s possible that it did.

With that said, here’s my advice.

lords of the fallen boss guide (7)

Get out from behind that shield and let me stab you.

1. First Warden

He’s the tutorial boss, so you hopefully don’t need too much help here. The main problem at this early stage of the game is that you won’t be dishing out all that much damage (especially if you’re a Rogue character,) so this is something of an exercise in patience.

Basically, he’s a great big Lords of the Fallen lesson in when to try to punish openings and when not to. If he’s hiding behind his massive shield, don’t bother trying to hit him. Wait for the (admittedly not very many) openings he gives you. The giant overhead swing will mess you up if it hits you, but the recovery time is quite long so this is the best time to go to town with some attacks of your own.

Once he ditches his shield (in the final phase of the fight) just try to stay well out of the way of his fancy dancin’, then punish him when he gets tired and pauses for a little rest.

Again, this fight can be a bit of a slog due to your low damage output and not having many windows to attack in. Take your time.

lords of the fallen boss guide (8)

Commander there, confused by a flame-shaped man.

2. Commander

Another boss with a great big shield that you can’t really get around. He periodically summons guys, and will pop out of his shield cocoon to join in if you take too long disposing of them. This shouldn’t be too hard since (until the end) it’s just one minion at a time. Fish around for backstabs, or just dispense with them in whatever fashion you see fit.

When Commander is prowling around, use your Prayer decoy spell all day, every day. This guy is a bit dense and will be distracted by it, allowing you to attack his back as much as you can.

The other optimal time to punish this boss is the move (which I don’t believe comes out until later phases) where he kneels down and does a slow-firing, shield-shaped magic thing in a cone. You’ll know it when it appears, he stays down for ages and you can just wail on him.

Another fine window for some hits is when he’s summoning guys with his slow sword pointing motion.

Dodge or block his ‘sound-wave’ type sword blast. His regular swings can be avoided by either dodging, blocking (if you have a good enough shield) or just staying too far away.

A lot of the time you should be keeping him occupied with your Prayer decoy spell, and won’t even have to worry about being hit.

lords of the fallen boss guide (4)

Apparently I forgot to screencap Worshipper, but this is where he lives.

3. Worshipper

The main thing to know about Worshipper is that when he does that thing where he kneels down and waves his hand around like he’s swishing bathwater, immediately run and stand inside one of the little graveyard shrine things.

If you don’t do this, you’ll take unstoppable amounts of damage from the blue pool things he creates and instantly die.

Luring him near one of the same shrines can have benefits, because if you can get him to accidentally hit one it’ll blow up in his face and leave him down for ages. Plenty of time to get in some lovely free hits.

Of course this will also prevent you from hiding in that shrine when he does his special move, so make sure you leave at least one of them standing if necessary.

Otherwise, beware of the move where he strikes the ground and freezes you in place. The rest should be fairly avoidable (summoning a series of three spikes from the ground, tossing out magic skulls.)

Deal with his minions when he summons them (these will die to his floor explosion move if they’re exposed,) and either dodge, block or just stay out of the way of his basic scythe swings.

lords of the fallen boss guide (5)

Excuse me Infiltrator, may I axe you a question?

4. Infiltrator

I found that switching into some lighter armour for this guy helped a lot. It means you roll through his three swipe combo (the one which ends in a long overhead thrust.)

The main weakness for Infiltrator is his legs. Pick one, and dodge yourself out in that direction on his three combo attack. Take a slash or two at his leg (whatever you have the energy for) as he’s recovering from his final downward slash. Eventually the armour will come off, exposing the disgusting fleshy bits underneath.

When you hit the exposed leg he’ll take a fair bit more damage. For phase one of the fight pretty much keep doing that.

In phase two he’ll start tossing out his weird fleshy trap things that can also regenerate his health. These can be targetted, but I mostly didn’t bother and just made sure to hit him a fair bit while he was regenerating so he wasn’t able to gain a whole lot. If your damage output is low this may not work so well, in which case you’ll have to deal with attacking the fleshy bits directly.

You can also lure him away from where he tosses the things out; he’ll still go back to them, but if you’re positioned in the right place you can hit him while he’s wandering back there.

Watch out for the scorpion sting thing he brings out in phrase two, it’ll poison you. And that sucks.

If you’re heavily using magic at this point, beware getting too close to the portal because it seems to drain you. The Prayer/decoy spell that all the magic classes have access to works on this guy if you need an added distraction.

lords of the fallen boss guide (6)

The only thing you’re champion of is being beaten up.

5. Champion

This chap is a big bruiser, but has a bit of speed about him too. Especially when he’s roided up with rage (this seems to accumulate when he hits you, so there’s an added incentive to try not to let that happen.)

Ranged attacks are your friend here. They keep you out of his way, and Champion’s own ranged attacks are a bit rubbish. For the first two phases he’ll pop out a double earth-tremmer thing that makes its way towards you (a pretty easy dodge or block.) For the final one he tosses out some slight faster ranged objects. But they’re still fairly easy to dodge.

As with Infiltrator I switched into some lighter armour for this, just for the added maneuverability.

Avoid his ranged efforts, watch for him charging at you (just dodge either side) and he’ll find it tricky to hit you.

As far as damaging him goes, you can try to get in a quick hit when he slams into a wall after charging at you. Ranged attacks (gauntlet or ranged spells if you have ’em) are probably your strongest option, though this will take time.

Once again, the Prayer decoy spell is an option. Champion can sometimes get distracted for quite a while by this, giving you ample time to hammer on his back. Other times he’ll destroy the decoy fairly swiftly (especially during the final phase,) so watch out for that.

He’ll auto-rage at the start of every phase, so it’s not a bad idea to just avoid him while he cools down during this.

lords of the fallen boss guide (3)

Chiropodists HATE him.

6. Beast

A really big fellow with glass ankles. Get behind him whenever you can and chop, slash, hit, or whatever verb you fancy at his poor unprotected feet. You’ll probably have to dodge through some club swings first to find a good position.

Get in as many attacks as you can before he starts throwing his temper tantrum and stamping his feet. That’ll depend on your weapon and energy levels of course, but you’ll soon be able to gauge how many you can get away with.

Roll out before he does his foot-stamp dance and just stay clear. Then run back in and (if he’s still facing away) hit his ankles some more until he falls over.

While he’s down, wail on him. Take an energy potion so you can get more hits. Or use the Rage spell from the Brawler spell tree if you have it. Anything to give you more hits when he’s down.

I found that swinging ‘into’ his body with my axe (‘Fate,’ at the time) did large amounts of damage. This may have been a bit of a bug because it just seemed to be catching on all kinds of bits of his torso and counting as extra hits. If you’re lucky, that’ll happen with you as well. It looks like the thing you’re supposed to do is hit his head.

If your damage output is quite low, this fight will take a little longer. Beast doesn’t seem to gain many extra attacks because he only has one ‘phase.’ He might try to spit poison at you (so avoid those pools) or charge at you (try to dodge with a wide berth.)

Like so many of these bosses, the Prayer decoy spell will distract him.

lords of the fallen boss guide (9)

That’s the wall you’re attacking, Guardian. I’m over here.

7. Guardian

It seems possible to avoid this guy entirely if you just follow Yetka through her secret passageway, but you may as well beat him up anyway.

Lighter armour seems like a good idea for this encounter. You’ll probably be wanting to dodge about the place.

His most dangerous attack is summoning flame orbs from the sconces around his arena, which will home in on you. Being nimble enough to just roll through them seems to be the best way to stay alive (if you have some kind of flame-defence shield I guess you might be able to just block them.)

So, when he’s doing his prayer-type motion to summon those get ready to dodge a couple of times. Your invulnerability frames while rolling should keep you safe once you’ve got the timing down (the window is fairly generous.) When you see the first one coming near you, just dodge a couple of times in succession.

He has a four swing combo ending with a flourish which you’ll be wanting to dodge through, then punish him after the fourth attack. This was my main source of damage against him.

Make sure you have enough energy to do this, and save some for dodging away again before he starts his attack back up. You may need to just forego the occasional opportunity to attack to let your energy recover.

Depending how fast your weapon is, you’ll be able to get in one or two attacks. Mine was a pretty slow club, so I stuck to just one heavy attack before dodging away again.

His other attacks are a rapid slide/charge towards you to close the distance (fairly simple to dodge away from) and he sometimes plants his swords in the ground to do a forward kick as well. You can get a cheeky attack in after/while he’s doing this if you’re to the side of him.

If you’re feeling confident, you can get in a quick/light hit against him when he’s summoning his fire orbs as well. Just be sure save enough stamina to dodge them.

lords of the fallen boss guide (10)

Guess I won’t be seeing you annihi-later.

8. Annihilator

Ready for some repeat advice? Wear light enough armour so you can roll effectively. You’ll be doing some dodging again.

For this guy, just stay at range until he lobs his electric mace at you. As soon as he does, run in, stab/smack him a bunch of times and then get out of there when his mace returns. He won’t be able to do much to stop you.

Until phase three, the only other thing he’ll do is a flying leap at you to close the distance. Dodge it and get out of the way because he’ll probably follow up with a few dangerous swings. If you’re feeling lucky, you can get in a hit after his flying leap lands – but be careful, he recovers fairly fast.

Basically, just keep baiting the mace throw and punishing it.

In phase three, he develops a lighting attack that kind of freezes you in place and does some lightning damage. I imagine there’s a way to block or prevent this, but I didn’t actually figure it out. I thought it was to do with avoiding the puddles of water on the floor, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

Just equip the best lightning defence gear that’ll still give you the ability to roll effectively, or pop some anti-lighting shards, and you should be alright.

Even just taking the damage from his lightning strikes I was still able to kill him. You get enough windows to heal up and should be able to do enough damage on the mace toss to finish him off without too much bother.

lords of the fallen boss guide (1)

I wasn’t kidding about this guy setting me on fire.

9. Lost Brothers

Electric Bro and Fire Bro. They don’t really attack you together (which makes things easier,) they just take it in turns. When you’ve killed one of them, the other inherits some of the dead brother’s attacks.

Honestly, I just tanked the hell out of this. With the heaviest set of armour I had, the electric guy couldn’t really do a whole lot of damage to me. In combination with the ‘Rage’ spell from the brawler magic tree I was able to just slash away for about half his health before needing to back off and have a health potion.

If you don’t have the ‘Rage’ spell, I think an energy regeneration potion or two will do the trick fairly well.

The fire brother proved a little harder, because setting me on fire actually did cause a reasonable amount of damage. Effectively though, I used the same Rage/tanking tactic – just with more frequent backing off.

For those unable to tank effectively (if you don’t have enough carry space to wear heavy armour,) this advice is obviously less helpful. I’d still recommend looking for the best lightning/fire defense stuff you have, but instead maybe try for a prolonged ranged battle.

Neither brother appears to leave particularly good windows for getting up close in melee (pretty soon they just do their lightning/fire area effect thing,) so that’s not really a great idea unless you can handle the damage they’re putting out.

If you haven’t gone the strength/armour route you hopefully do have enough power/magic in your gauntlet and spells to tackle them that way. Make use of any shards that protect you against fire and lighting too, as appropriate.

lords of the fallen boss guide (2)

I sentence you to the pointy end of my sword.

10. Judge

Judge Dredd. Judge John Deed. Call him what you will. His main irritating trick is raising a squad of infested zombie types from the earth and then using them to heal himself.

When he’s in his “I’m calling zombies!” pose, hit him a bunch of times like the big jerk he is. Then try to kill as many of the raised infested as possible, or he’ll consume them from afar to get health back. And that’s annoying.

Lanes of fire will appear during the infested horde phase, which will also kill the zombies (and you.) I’m unclear whether the ones which die in this fashion can help to heal Judge, or whether it’s just the ones left alive when he returns to the arena.

The Judge also has a rather annoying ground-pound move that he does at the end of his main melee combo, which will push you back. You can sometimes get a hit in after he’s done this, but be warned that he might just do another one immediately afterwards.

Heavy armour seemed to be the order of the day for this one, because it was tricky to avoid damage in some situations (like those lines of fire.)

At distance, he’ll either fire off his dart-spear weapon thing (not too hard to avoid those projectiles) or do a leaping attack that you should try not to be underneath.

Once he’s got some zombie bodies in the courtyard he’ll use a fire-fuse thing to blow them up. So try not to be near those either, because that hurts. A lot.

As is so often the case throughout Lords of the Fallen, your decoy spell works quite well as distraction. Hit him in the back a bit while he’s confused and murdering Not-Harkyn.

It’s pretty much a war of attrition, because he’ll probably get SOME health back from an infested zombie or two each time, unless you’re really efficient about killing those guys. Luckily, by this point you should have a sizeable stock of health potions.

Whittle him down in what few attack windows you have and he’ll eventually fall and trigger the end cut-scenes of the game.

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