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Lords of the Fallen has been released and there’s a few fixes to note.

CI Games has patched up Lords of the Fallen for today’s release and the weighty 5GB patch fixes a few bugs and also comes with “visual improvements”. The patch has not PC specific fixes so these are across the board.

Update 29 October: There’s also a new Patch 1.1 which adds PhysX and Vsync toggles for potential performance gains.

Make sure you read our full review if you haven’t already.


Improved general difficulty balancing
Text & voice over fixes and improvements
Incorrect despawn behaviour fixed
An issue with missing musics in the credits is fixed
Judge bossfight balancing updated
Challenge Arena tweaks
Camera clipping improved
Intro lengths for second visits corrected
The Blacksmith is now available after the Infiltrator
Savepoint problems fixed
The run, jump and jump attack tutorials now starts again if the player approaches the first savepoint in Old Monastery


Visual effects improvements
Animation improvements
General lighting improvements
Improved LODs
Reduced visual glitches
Improved collision mesh
Performance optimization
Reduced camera clipping
General texture improvements

Music & Sound

The wrong Boss music was played in some situations
Music & SFX volumes adjusted
Improved SFX timing

Platform Specific

PC: none
PS4: Fixed disappearing environment particle effects
Xbox One: Occasionally missing sounds are fixed

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