Lords of the Fallen screenshots bid to bring back shoulder pads

The shoulder pad has somewhat tumbled from grace since its 1980s heyday, but maybe Lords of the Fallen can change all that? CI Games has put together a possibly ComicCon related package of four new screenshots, and two of them are shoulderpad-tastic.

Since IncGamers always bids to be the number one source of your fashion-related videogame news, let’s have a look at October’s upcoming collection.

lords of the fallen (3)

Now this gentleman here has gone for an interesting ensemble. He’s actually padded the shoulder pads themselves by shoving a bunch of fir underneath them. That’s a novel and stylish twist on the traditional gigantic steel shoulder pad and we applaud him for his bold choice. Also for the decision to tattoo his own face with a bunch of crazy symbols.

lords of the fallen (1)

Though I’m not too sure about covering up that lovely bald head with a hood, this is another brave choice in shoulderpaddery. Look at the subtle layering and the way the jagged edges accentuate the unusual nature of both sword and shield. All the pointiness really brings this outfit together.

lords of the fallen (2)
Shoulder pads.

Whether you’re indoors or outside doing a bit of crypt investigation in a spooky forest graveyard, shoulder pads only work if you wear them with confidence. Look how purposefully this chap is striding towards those candles. He’s a man in control. In control of his shoulder pads.

lords of the fallen (4)
And whatever this thing is.

This picture has nothing much to do with shoulder pads, but I include it out of a sense of completeness. It looks sort of like a giant spider? Everybody is doing giant spiders these days darling, they’re so 2014.

Lords of the Fallen is coming to the PC on 31 October. It looks quite a bit like a Western take on Dark Souls, which sounds just fine to me. As long as CI Games doesn’t balls it up, obviously.

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    • Peter

      This screend and draft looks awesome. I know this is only screens but and this don’t tell us anythink about game. But here we know how will be look one of the boss. Nice spider:)

    • lazerbeak

      sorry I automatically dismiss screen shots now too much skullduggery in the past

    • lazerbeak

      Tim what do you think of the spider boss? 😀

      • Tim McDonald

        Bizarrely, it doesn’t bother me too much. Some of it’ll come down to the movement, but it’s not really all that spider-y so it’s not triggering The Horror overmuch. I mean, it’s only got three legs, and they’re apparently made of knives.

        On the other hand: for ATTEMPTING to create a spider-like boss, they can get out.