New Lore Video Explains The Brotherhood Of Steel Ahead Of Fallout 76 Steel Dawn (2)

If you have been following the developments of Fallout 76, you know that the Bethesda MMO is about to welcome the Brotherhood of Steel into Appalachia this coming December as part of the Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion. However, that has not exactly solved the problem of conflicting timelines. With Fallout 76 being a prequel that takes place in 2102, that puts it decades before the original collection of Fallout games. Yet, players who have played the MMO found evidence of the Brotherhood of Steel in the mountainous region of West Virginia.

How is that possible? The Brotherhood of Steel is based in California. Very little Fallout lore is present to indicate that they had activity elsewhere. More importantly, they were documented to have only emerged in the mid-2130s. This is some confusing stuff, which required Bethesda to do some clearing up and retconning.

This has resulted in the latest lore video, which explains plenty ahead of Fallout 76: Steel Dawn. Similarly, you could have learned it all even before this lore dump. Much of the history and events that are important can be discovered in-game. Notes, terminal dairies, and even audio logs have given us clues about the armored people.

Yet, it is no surprise that a majority of players did not manage to catch them.

New Lore Video Explains The Brotherhood Of Steel Ahead Of Fallout 76 Steel Dawn (1)

Historical lessons from the before time

For many of the players, it is just neat to have more content. For others more invested in the lore, the upcoming Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion brings more than just new weapons, NPCs, and quests. At least now, it kind of all makes sense just how the Brotherhood of Steel is now in Appalachia.

At the end of the day, you have a bunch of powerful and cool-looking individuals to play with. What’s not to like? Fallout 76: Steel Dawn arrives this December 1.


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