Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Guide

Chaos Dungeons are the first endgame activity that you encounter in Lost Ark. As the name suggests, they are chaotic. Waves of enemies will spawn and swarm you. You need to wipe them out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t be intimidated by Chaos Dungeons, though. They’re very easy to complete, and you don’t need any advice on getting the job done. What this guide will do is suggest a few tricks to help you quickly get the most loot out of Chaos Dungeons.

Before entering a Chaos Dungeon, you should make sure you have a build that is designed to deal area effect damage. Skills that group up enemies and have large attack areas are ideal. Look at the tripod modifiers in your skills, because they can significantly change or improve your abilities.


The Soulfist’s Crippling Barrier is a perfect example of this. You can take a tier one tripod that reduces its cooldown by five seconds. There’s also a tier two tripod that increases damage by 10%, and the tier three tripod lets you pull enemies towards you at the end of the ability. Suddenly, a low damage area ability becomes a hard-hitting ring that wipes out waves of enemies and pulls anything it doesn’t kill towards you.

Embrace the chaos

You should always do the highest level Chaos Dungeon possible. Your item level and how far in the story you have progressed determines this. The action doesn’t start in a Chaos Dungeon until you move for the first time. So, if you accidentally have the wrong build equipped, you can still change it safely. What you’re after in Chaos Dungeons is the loot that drops from killing enemies. Every enemy has a chance to drop gear and materials.

Once you move, enemies will start spawning. Run around in circles to group them up, then start unloading your skills. Try to continuously attack enemies to prevent them from attacking you. Once you reach 17/18%, hop into the portal that spawns immediately.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Skills

The second level is all about killing the boss monsters that spawn. You can see them on the minimap. Group them up, and wipe them out as fast as you can. There will be seven mini-bosses and a main boss that’s slightly tougher. Do not focus on killing the waves of creep unless you want to clear some space to move. As soon as the main boss goes down, hop into the portal that spawns.

Maximizing loot in Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

The final level is purely about killing waves of creep again. Group up the enemies and use your area skills to wipe out the hordes. Once the enemies begin to thin out, check your minimap for the obelisk that spawns nearby. You need to destroy that to get more enemies to spawn. This will happen a few times. When your counter reaches 98/99%, stop attacking and group up as many enemies as possible. Then, hit them with your highest damage skill to wipe out as many as you can in one attack. This allows you to get the highest chance of rewards.

If you’re lucky, a gold portal will spawn during your run. It takes you to an in-between level where a lucky monster is running around. The monster won’t attack you. All you need to do is unload your skills on it as quickly as possible and kill it. These monsters drop rare loot, like mounts and skins. They also give you some materials and currencies.

Lost Ark Red Wolf Mount

This is the rare Red Wolf mount you can get from Chaos Dungeons.

Don’t do more than two Chaos Dungeons per day. If you have zero Aura of Resonance, you won’t get good rewards. You’ll earn Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals, which can be traded for materials, gear, and Engraving Recipes. However, you’re going to need to do a lot of Chaos Dungeons to get one item. It’s not worth it.

Check out our Lost Ark guides and features hub for more help with all aspects of the MMORPG. You can hop into the game for free to try it out, plus you can purchase Starter Packs if you’d like a boost to get you going.

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