Lost Ark Terpeion mount new europe region

Lost Ark new Europe region announced and players are being gifted mounts, instrument skins, and more

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On February 11, Lost Ark launched across the Western world. Millions of people flocked to the new isometric MMORPG with the concurrent player count reaching comfortably over 1 million players. But with such success, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games were also hit with complaints about long queue times and server issues. The studios have already opened numerous additional servers, and gifted Founder’s Pack owners duplicate items. Now, Lost Ark is getting an entirely new European region, and all players will receive a selection of in-game items as a thank you for supporting the game.

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There is no timeline indicating when the new region will go live. But Smilegate and Amazon say they are working on it. From that, I would assume it won’t be more than a few days. That would be too hard on the workers.


In the announcement of the new region, Smilegate and Amazon suggest the new region will be for new players who have not yet begun their journey into Arkesia. However, if you are already in-game, but would like to move, the studios recommend you do not claim any of the items from your Founder’s Pack, so as not to bind them to characters you will leave behind.

Lost Ark Terpeion And Terpeion Shadow Mount

More rewards

Smilegate and Amazon have shown players their dedication to making Lost Ark a rewarding experience in all their efforts since launch. Now, the studios are showing players how thankful they are for all their support by gifting them some cosmetic items.

All Lost Ark players will receive a chest containing the Terpeion or Terpeion of the Shadow mount (you can see it in the featured image above), a Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument skin, a chest with 10 Healing Battle items, a chest with 10 Offensive Battle items, three Legendary Rapport Selection Chests, three Weekly Trade Potions Packs, and 20 Phoenix Plumes.

In addition to that, you can now purchase Lost Ark Starter Packs. There are three two choose from: Apprentice, Explorer, and Vanquisher. You can check out the trailer showcasing the Starter Pack cosmetics below.

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