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Lost Ark is a game that encourages you to create alternate characters. You can use them to empower your main character or to simply enjoy the variety of gameplay that comes from the different classes. The way you use your alts is up to you. However, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have implemented a system that makes the development of your first two alts a lot easier. I’m talking about the Powerpass. This guide will run you through how the Lost Ark Powerpass works, what you get from it, and how you should use it to create alts.

If you don’t know, the Powerpass lets you to rapidly level a character to 50. You play through a summarized version of the Lost Ark story with Beatrice as the narrator. The idea is that you have already lived the story, but your character has forgotten. This reawakens their memories. At key points, you will be given new skills, a new set of gear, and be sent to relive the events firsthand.


How to get the Lost Ark Powerpass

You can acquire two Powerpasses for your region, but swapping regions does allow you to earn another two. So, don’t worry about saving them in case you need to move regions. You unlock your first Powerpass when you complete the main story quest in North Vern, Ealyn’s Gift. Mail, which contains a Vern Powerpass item, will be sent to the character on whom you completed the quest. You can consume this Powerpass to unlock it for your entire roster.

Lost Ark Powerpass Item

To get a second Powerpass, you just need to complete the Adventurer’s Path from the first pass you get. Once the first pass ends and you are transferred into Vern Castle, you will be given another Vern Powerpass item that you can consume to unlock your second and final free pass.

Once you’ve activated a Powerpass in your character’s inventory, you can head to the character select screen to choose or create another character. When you want to begin, make sure you click on the Powerpass button, not the Launch button.

Using The Powerpass

What happens when you use a Powerpass

As mentioned above, the Powerpass is designed to rapidly progress your additional characters to level 50, giving you a taste of the story and the class’s abilities. However, you will still have a lot to learn about the class at the end of the experience. The first thing you see with the Powerpass is the introductory story for your class. If you’re using a class you’ve played before, feel free to skip this.

As with the regular start to the game, you will be ushered into Trixion to choose your advanced class before going through the prologue. Again, if you’ve done this before, you can skip it. After the prologue, you move back to Trixion to begin the Adventurer’s Path.

Lost Ark Powerpass Story

You can also choose to skip the Adventurer’s Path. If you have just completed the story and are familiar with how the game works, this might seem like an inviting option. However, you will miss out on a few rewards if you do so. Rather, just skip the cutscenes and breeze through the gameplay and conversation segments.

The Powerpass experience

During the Adventurer’s Path, you battle at the Glorious Wall to save Luterra, watch Armen turn to darkness, and then set sail on your ship for the first time. Beatrice describes your journey through Tortoyk and your victory in the martial arts tournament in Anikka. She also explains what happened when you traveled to Arthertine, and you’ll be given more equipment and skills to fight Technologist Krause. Beatrice then tells you about North Vern, ruled by Queen Ealyn, and how you found allies to defeat the necromancer, Sigmund. Finally, she covers your journey through Shushire and your battle with the demon Akkan.

Lost Ark Shushire Akkan

After Beatrice tells you about Shushire, she rewards you with a load of Battle Items, including bombs, potions, and flares. She also gives you a chest that allows you to choose a pet. Afterwards, you leave Trixion and go to the training ground to learn some game mechanics. Then, you can rejoin the world in Vern Castle and continue your story. At the end, you receive even more items to ease you on your way, including a Novice Hairpin that gives you five Charisma and a 0.5% boost to your main stat, a chest with the horse mount from Prideholme, a chest with the ladybug mount from Tortoyk, the white wolf mount from Shushire, the Lion Mask from Anikka, 100 Chaos Shards, and a full set of 302 gear.

A final quest ushers you to Novice Instructor Ino to ensure you equip all your gear correctly. He just repeats everything you’ve just learned. So, breeze through it, grab the 30,000 Silver he rewards you with, and get to adventuring.

Powerpass Items

These are almost all the items you get from the Powerpass.

Tips for the Powerpass and your alts

The fact that the Lost Ark Powerpass takes you to the end of Shushire is one of the reasons I recommend you reach that point in the story with your main character before using the Powerpass to level an alt. As I mentioned in my level 50 guide, the other reason is that you’ll miss out on some rewards because the Powerpass automatically completes the roster quests.

The Powerpass does reward you with a free bird pet, though. You should choose a pet with an element you don’t already have. The white rabbit pet you get from Prideholme is aligned with ice. So, choose wind or fire. This can give you a slight boost to the missions you send your ships on from the Station.

Powerpass Pet

This is the pet you receive for completing the Powerpass.

Your alts are a good way to funnel more materials to your main character. This helps you raise your item level faster and gain access to new content. I don’t encourage rushing through content, but your alts can help you overcome item level barriers when necessary. So, make sure you’re doing your daily dungeons and raids, as well as your weekly Abyssal Dungeons on your alts. You can use the catch-up mechanic to do the dailies every few days, instead of every single day.

On the subject of alts, don’t overinvest in them. It is expensive to keep powering up a character with Engravings, gear, gems, and all the numerous power tools in Lost Ark. So, keep your focus on one main character, and use the others to mix up your gameplay. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with changing your main if you decide you like one of your alts more.

If you’d like some more Lost Ark tips, check out our guides and features hub for the MMORPG.

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