Lost Planet 2 May Not Be 360 Exclusive

A comment by Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi indicates that Lost Planet 2 may be a multi-platform title.In an interview, Gamedaily (thanks, Kotaku) quizzed Takeuchi as to whether or not Lost Planet 2 was an exclusive. Takeuchi’s response was a non-committal “We are currently investigating other platforms.”While this certainly isn’t a definite statement either way, it gives a bit of hope for those without 360s who want to play the action sequel.Lost Planet 2 caused a bit of a ruckus last month, with plenty of sites reporting the game as a 360 exclusive, despite there being no word from developers on this. It transpired that the press release may have been taken out of context, as only a 360 version was announced.For details on the game, check out our initial coverage here.