LucasArts Cans The Force Unleashed II For PSP

LucasArts has confirmed that the PSP is not the console it’s looking for after scrapping plans to release The Force Unleashed II on Sony’s flailing handheld device.
The game had been planned for release alongside the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and PC versions of the sequel, which will ship on the 26th October.
LucasArts has given no indication as to why the long-awaited sequel to the best Star Wars game in years has been canned on PSP.
To add insult to injury for Sony, the planned iPhone iteration will still launch on the same date, which will once again prompt talk that the Apple smartphone has relegated the PSP to the No.3 player in the handheld market
The Force Unleashed II picks up proceedings six months after the first game, and just a year before A New Hope.
Gameplay has been modified to allow the protagonist Starkiller to wield dual lightsabers and we’ve got goose bumps at the thought of piloting a TIE Fighter and taking on Boba Fett. Roll on October 26th.
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