LucasArts has revealed that they’re currently working on an Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC title called Lucidity.The announcement, made through GameTrailers TV, was teased yesterday, but we’ve now got all the details.The title is billed as a puzzle-adventure game, with project lead David Nottingham saying “It looks like a platformer, but it’s actually more of a puzzle game and you don’t actually control the main character, Sophie, herself.”Sophie’s worried about her ageing grandmother with whom she has astrong relationship, which manifests in a series of dreams that youhave to direct her through, in order to find her grandmother in what we imagine is a metaphorical way – “Think of it kinda like a Little Red Riding Hood if she took a walk through Alice’s Wonderland,” explains Nottingham.It transpires that Sophie continues to walk through the world – made up of “elaborate dreamscapes” – no matter what you do. Your role is to create a path for her to keep her safe by plonking down blocks. “It’s kind of like Tetris in that way where you can kind of be looking, see what the next block is,” Nottingham added. “You can also chain pieces together.”The game has a feel very much akin to a pop-up book in terms of art style, so it’s no surprise that both those and children’s books made up a big part of the design, resulting in “this 2D game where there’s kind of a paper texture effect.”  The team also looked at classical animation to get their own animation in the right style.The game is comprised of an estimated 30 story levels and 15 bonus levels, with the latter unlocked by directing Sophie to pick up fireflies strewn throughout the levels themselves.Sounds to us a bit like the DS’ Kirby Canvas Curse/Power Paintbrush or, if you know your retro games, a little bit like Sleepwalker.The game is due to hit XBLA later this month with a PC release at an unspecified time.

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