Lucasfilm brings X-Wing vs TIE Fighter to GOG

Lucasfilm have re-released six more games on GOG, including X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and Dark Forces.

This is “Lucasfilm on wave 2”, apparently, and another six Star Wars games will be hitting “this Thursday and next week.” But what about the six today?

Other than the exquisite multiplayer-ness of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, the single-player space flying of X-Wing Alliance, and the first-person Stormtrooper shooter Dark Forces, there’s Knights of the Old Republic 2, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. And yes, I know that they all technically have Star Wars in front of their names, but some of them just look really odd without it.

I’m pretty sure KotOR 2 and Battlefront 2 need no introduction – and they’re both available other places, anyway – but Galactic Battlegrounds was a Star Wars RTS. In fact, it was basically Age of Empires 2 with a Star Wars skin. As such it’s automatically pretty damn good, although it also doesn’t really do much that’s new if you’ve ever played Age of Empires 2. This is Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, including the Clone Campaigns expansion.

Dark Forces, KotOR2, and Battlefront 2 are all 20% off, presumably because they’re already on other services, so they’ll cost you $4.79, $7.99, and $7.99 respectively. X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, and Galactic Battlegrounds are all new to digital distribution, so they’ll cost $9.99, $9.99, and $5.99 respectively.

Head on over to GOG if you fancy a purchase.

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