Uncover The Truth As A Supernatural Detective In Lucifer Within Us (3)

Solving puzzles and figuring out clues — that is pretty much a gameplay staple of games across plenty of genres. However, there has certainly been nothing quite like Lucifer Within Us, Kitfox Games’ latest game where you solve crimes with your supernatural abilities. A new official trailer for the game debuted at IGN’s Summer of Gaming, and it paints an interesting picture of what we can expect as a digital exorcist working for the Church of Ain Soph’s Inquisition.

No place for liars

When heinous crimes take place, there will always be suspects, evidence, and, of course, lies. By following clues, examining the evidence at hand, and taking statements from the various parties involved, you will then begin to piece together the events that led up to the victim’s untimely death. That said, it is never that easy. Individuals have agendas, and they will often lie to get away with literal murder.

Uncover The Truth As A Supernatural Detective In Lucifer Within Us (1)

By utilizing your supernatural abilities, you will have an upper hand. Question your suspects, watch for their movements, and listen intently. Pointing out contradictions, catching lies, and matching clues will help you form your conclusions. Decide the truth based on the evidence you have.

Deep dives

You will be able to enter the minds of your suspects in Lucifer Within Us, gaining insight into their hidden secrets. By digging through their subconscious and exposing their guilt, you will be able to cast out their “digital daemons” and contribute to the Inquisition. Anything for the cause is always good.

Uncover The Truth As A Supernatural Detective In Lucifer Within Us (2)

The many mysteries in Lucifer Within Us will require your best detective skills. There are “no hidden plot twists, no QTEs, no random puzzles or mini-games, just you and the information.” Be the detective you always thought you could become.

Sharpen that mind and hone that acumen: Lucifer Within Us launches sometime in 2020.

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