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You may or may not have heard that the Chainsaw Demo¬†for Resident Evil 4 remakehides an extra difficult mode for players to try. This mode, dubbed the ‘Mad Chainsaw Mode,’ buffs enemy health and damage as one would expect. However, it also augments enemies’ aggression and alters their placements for more challenging layouts. Additionally, the infamous chainsaw enemies the demo is named after get replaced by a super-powered variant wielding a flaming chainsaw. Not only does the Mad Chainsaw Mode remain exclusive to the demo, but it also comes with some fairly unorthodox unlock requirements. This guide will go over these unlock requirements in case you want a more challenging experience.

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Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in the Resident Evil 4 remake demo

By default, players can only access the Mad Chainsaw Mode purely through random chance. Every so often when booting up the demo, it will warn the player that they will need to go through their current run with this difficulty mode activated. Once the run ends, whether the player wins or loses, they will have to keep starting new runs until the mode randomly activates again.

What are the other unlock methods?

This may sound like a pain, but thankfully, the demo includes a workaround. As discovered by Twitter user @Miner50001, if you input a certain cheat code, you can bypass this restriction and play Mad Chainsaw Mode whenever you want. On an Xbox controller, you hold LB and RB while hitting up, left, down, right, X, Y, B, A, and A again. If you have a PlayStation controller, hold L1 and L2 while inputting this button sequence: up, left, down, right, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X.

Keep in mind that, unlike a normal run of the Resident Evil 4 remake demo, Mad Chainsaw Mode does not include any autosaves or checkpoints. So if you don’t want to start all over again, you will have to play at your best.

Resident Evil 4 Demo Village Fight

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