These newly released screenshots (well, sort of, they were in a famous retailer-owned games magazine a little while back) of Avalanche’s Mad Max get right to the point of the series.

Two of them feature punching. Another three focus on ramshackle cars (or even better, cars ramming into other cars.) And one has Max stood on top of a rocky outcrop gazing out over the vast desert. The only thing missing is Mel Gibson and some of his trademark horrific racism.

Well … actually, perhaps the game can survive without that.

Mad Max is coming to the PC in September, and various details have tumbled out about the game here and there. The open world will have various weather states (sun, wind, storms and the like) which will affect how encounters play out. Ammo is said to be reassuringly scarce. Your ‘Magnum Opus’ car starts out pretty bare-bones, but can be upgraded in a number of different ways (there’s no ‘best car set-up’.)

Vehicles are all ground based (no air stuff,) but Avalanche seem to be aiming for a decent driving model since there’s so much emphasis on car-to-car combat.

No doubt more bits and pieces will be released between now and the September release. A nice, demonstrative gameplay video would be quite welcome.

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