EA has revealed a couple of new features for the upcoming Madden 13, the most significant of which appears to be an almost direct adaptation of Fifa 12’s impact engine (albeit with a different sport). The infinity engine will be used to give you “physics you can feel” and will offer, according to the chap on stage, a “countless” number of animations.

Supposedly, thanks to the impact engine, no two plays for your NFL teams will look the same.

The second big alteration was dubbed an “investment in gameplay” and finally expands the career mode in the game. ‘Connected careers’ claims to combine the best of careers mode, franchise, online franchise and superstar modes into one neat package. EA says it’ll combine gameplay progression a dynamic storyline and (you guessed it) “social integration.”

Thanks to the Microsoft press event, we also know that Madden 13 will make use of Kinect. Voice commands will let you call plays, call blocks and snap the ball.

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