Madden 25 Bowl Prediction Completely Off

Sorry, EA Sports, you messed up this one this year. In today’s big game, the Seattle Seahawks overwhelm the Denver Broncos, 43 to 8. The results completely invalidate the prediction made by EA Sports’ Madden 25. More after the jump.

Madden 25’s simulation pegged the Denver Broncos beating the Seahawks in a close game, scoring 31 to Seahawks’ 28. They also predicted Peyton Manning would be MVP, earning three touchdowns and throwing for 322 yards. If you care to watch, we’re sharing the simulation for you here.

As the Huffington Post itself points out, EA Sports has traditionally been very good at making these predictions, so perhaps the outcome involved events that could not be simulated in a video game setting. We congratulate the Seahawks at their victory and hope everyone enjoyed watching the big game.

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