Mafia 2 purchase link vanishes from Steam

Mafia 2 purchase link vanishes from Steam

We’re excited to see how Mafia 3 pans out now we’ve seen it in action but what about Mafia 2? The bad news is it’s been kidnapped from Steam.

On the Steam page for Mafia 2 and the Mafia 2 Digital Deluxe Edition there’s now no way to buy the game with the purchase button having been removed. There’s also no explanation as to why the ability to purchase the game has vanished.

It’s not often games purchase links disappear on Steam but it does happen and it’s usually because of some licensing rights issue. Perhaps in this case it could be an issue with the licensed music used in the game.

The other explanation is 2K may be planning in repackaging it with the original game and re-releasing it prior to Mafia 3, but It’s more than likely some sort of licensing problem because it was very recently discounted on Steam following the Mafia 3 announcement.

If you’re looking to buy a copy today it’s going to be hard to find one because it’s not appearing on other digital retailers either as far as we can tell.

Mafia 2 will likely reappear at some point but until then check our Mafia 3 preview if you want some Mafia action.



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