2K have released a short new trailer for Mafia 3, in which they talk about the ‘feel’ they’re aiming for with the car handling and driving in the open world title. ‘Hollywood Action Driving’ is the phrase they opt for, citing the weighty, inertia-bound scenes from 60s driving films like Bullet.

    That’s going to translate into some heavy vehicles that you need to wrestle around corners in drifts and slides (without having played Mafia 3 it’s impossible to say, but that sounds similar to how Driver: San Francisco handled).

    Surfaces will have an effect on how the car controls too, whether that be the damp, muddy tracks of the bayou, gravel, or more traditional roadways. The stated philosophy is to allow players to feel somewhat familiar with each car quite quickly, but have a further level of mastery that can be attained after cruising around for a while.

    Here’s the trailer. Mafia 3 is out in October.

    Peter Parrish

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