September 5th, 2017

Magic 2015 now pre-orderable on Steam

magic 2015
There is someone out there whose job description is “make virtual card games look exciting and dynamic.” Except they probably use the words “epic” and “visceral.”

With magic tricks, anticipation is important. With Magic 2015, it’s probably not so important.

Nonetheless, if you’re eagerly awaiting Magic 2015, you can now pre-order it on Steam for £6.99. That’s the base price, for what it’s worth; there’s no discount offered for pre-ordering. What you do get for pre-ordering is a Premium Booster pack containing 10 cards that can be used in single-player or multiplayer.

If you’re super-desperate to throw even more money at Wizards of the Coast, you can also pre-order the £14.99 Magic 2015 Special Edition (which contains a soundtrack, desktop wallpapers, and “Theros: Godsend Part 1” PDF ebook) or the £26.99 Magic 2015 Complete Bundle (which contains all of the above plus 300 foil stickers and five card collections – Innistrad, Theros, Ravnica, Shandalar, and Zendikar).

Really, though, I’d suggest you wait for it to actually come out. Past Magic games have been rather variable in quality, ranging from “solid adaptation” to “horrific money-grab”; I’d wait and see which end of the scale Magic 2015 lies on before plonking down my money. It’s out on 16 July, so you’ve only got a couple of weeks to wait.

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