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Second-hand info is always a little dicey to deal with, but a fairly in-depth Reddit post from a fellow calling himself ‘MkfShard’ contains quite a few more details about the function of magic and sorcery in From’s upcoming sequel. It’s based on the playable Dark Souls II demo that was available at ComicCon (the same as the one offered at E3, it seems.)

Spell use will, apparently, be a bit more expansive. The post states that spells now have both weak and strong attacks and, in some cases, are even “chargeable.” As we know from E3, spells appear to have a stamina cost too, so this would likely play into the risk/reward of charging up a magic attack.

The same chap has provided a helpful list of sorceries and miracles that he encountered in the demo, which reads as follows:

Soul Arrow: Now chargeable!

Soul Lance: Seems pretty standard.

Soul Sword (Guessed Name): SO COOL!

Soul Rain (Guessed Name): Easily the coolest new spell. It shoots a ball of light upwards, before raining down countless Soul Arrows. However, it has an issue with low ceilings…

Flame Toss (Guessed Name): One of two fire spells. Seems to fire at an angle, and so it was always hitting walls instead of enemies…

Fireball (Guessed Name): A straight shooting fire ball that explodes. The explosion hurts you too, so watch out.

New Miracles:

Talisman: The Talisman was very interesting! It looks sort of like a small mace.

Regeneration: A prayer-like spell that slowly regenerates your health for a while. I couldn’t find any standard healing on the Temple Knight.

Unknown Spell: I couldn’t figure out what this spell did, but the symbol looked like a body with a ring around it. It is chargeable for a very long time, and it gives you a fiery aura.

Lightning Burst (Guessed Name): An extremely powerful Miracle that sends out a burst of lightning that crackles over a wide area and hits multiple times. With it, I was able to kill Mr. Turtle in about three hits.

Dark Orb (Guessed Name): With very interesting implications, it seems that Dark Magic has been integrated into Miracles! It fires off a small Dark Orb that does moderate damage.

Melee seems somewhat altered as well, namely that “When you’re targeting someone, you’re no longer restricted to attacking directly at them.” In other words, if you’re backing off and trying to take a swing at something, you’ll probably attack backwards.

In addition, certain invincibility frames seem to have been removed. You’ll no longer be safe lighting bonfires and opening doors.

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