September 5th, 2017

Magicka 2 gets a karaoke trailer

Magicka 2 gets a karaoke trailer
magicka 2 karaoke
It doesn’t get much more fabulous than this.

The latest trailer for Magicka 2 is, uh… a karaoke trailer. With singing from Vlad, and a karaoke competition.

This new¬†Magicka 2 trailer shows off a fair bit of gameplay footage (along with some 80s-themed special effects), but more to the point, it’s a sing-a-long, as sung by Vlad. A self-deprecating sing-a-long, considering it mentions “working netcode.” This has given Paradox the rather unique opportunity to host a karaoke competition, on a site that looks like some sort of Geocities nightmare from the early days of public internet access.

You can download either an instrumental MP3 of the song, or an MP4 video containing the lyrics, all of which will let you create your own special karaoke version of the song. Send that along to Paradox and you’re in with a chance to get “a super cool prize.” I’m guessing it’s a refrigerator.

Still. Working netcode, eh? That’s something.

You can have a look at the Magicka 2 karaoke trailer below. The game itself is due out in early 2015.

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