August 23rd, 2017

Magicka 2 pre-orders offer a playable Sneak Peek

Magicka 2 pre-orders offer a playable Sneak Peek

In one of the better pre-order deals in recent memory, Magicka 2 pre-orders offer a Sneak Peek version of the game you can play with friends.

Those who pre-order the accidentally-murder-your-friends-’em-up will get access to four Sneak Peek versions of the game, allowing them to try it out with three friends… but only between 5 May and 10 May, at which point the Sneak Peek versions will be disabled.

The downside, of course, is that you actually have to pay to get access to this, so it’s more a reward for the impatient than a good way of trying out the game before plonking down your cash. Still, I think I prefer this to PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE GOLDEN STAFF stuff, and at least paying once means four people can try it out. (Although, yes, pre-ordering also gets you a set of robes, because of course it does.)

The Sneak Peek version of Magicka 2 offers the tutorial-y Prologue, the first mission of the Adventure Campaign, and the Festival challenge map. You can see it in action in the new trailer below, which in typical Paradox fashion is utterly goddamn superb, and the game itself can be pre-ordered on Steam or on the official site for £10.99.

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