July 7th, 2017

Magicka: Wizard Wars explodes onto Steam Early Access

Magicka Wizard Wars - 09
I have a joke: two wizards walk into a magical storm of flaming electrical death. One says to the other “ouch.”

If you played Magicka but thought “you know, this could really do with having a more fleshed-out and better balanced multiplayer mode” then you’ll be happy to hear that Magicka: Wizard Wars – a more fleshed-out and better balanced PvP multiplayer game – is now on Steam Early Access.

Putting down your money gets you access to the game right now, as well as various bonuses. The minimum you can pay is £8.99, which gives you the game, a green Founder’s robe, three weapons, and some forum items and avatars. Pay £14.99 for a Founder Wizard Pack and you’ll get all of the above plus another robe, access to a developer forum on the Paradox site, a credit on the Wizard Wars website, and a copy of Crusader Kings 2. Alternatively, you can go crazy and lob £44.99 at the developers for the IMPressive Founder Pack, which offers an extra weapon, an extra robe, the option to name one of the in-game imps and a special hat for your imps to wear, $20 worth of in-game currency, and three giftable alpha invites. I think that’s about everything.

In case I forgot something, though, you can have a look at the various tiers on offer here. You can also sign up for the alpha for free on the official website (which also shows the various tiers and their rewards) although that won’t get you into the game instantly – you’ll likely be waiting a little while to get access.

If you’re curious about how Magicka: Wizard Wars plays and want to know a bit more about it before plonking down your money, have a gander at our preview (and a video of my first ever game) over here.

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