Magik joins Marvel Heroes today

Magik joins Marvel Heroes today

Gazillion has today released the latest Marvel Heroes character and this one’s a little bit special.

The community has had hand in the choice of this hero as they voted for Magik to be the next Marvel character to make it into the game. Michael May, Game Systems and Character Designer at Gazillion, has this to say about Magik.

“As if coming with a sorcerous suite of powers with names like Vengeful Spirit, Soulblaze and Dark Pact weren’t cool enough, Magik’s host of Limbo minions makes for one of the most dynamic summoning systems we’ve created to date. She’ll be able to choose between summoning a large number of more fragile minions, or opt for one of the bosses of Limbo instead, such as Nastirh. Turning the tables and getting a boss to fight for you is very entertaining to me. She can also absorb the energies of those minions into her Soulsword, sacrificing the summons altogether in exchange for more personal power. There are many ways to create a loadout for Magik players to enjoy her in the way they best see fit.”

Tara Strong is lending her voice talents to Magik who is now the 53rd character to join the game.

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