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Do you want a free game? Head over to GOG and click the “Download Magrunner for FREE” button, then.

Apparently, today is some sort of super-sale day on GOG. Other than giving away Magrunner: Dark Pulse for free, you’ve also got 30 bundles to browse through and 30 flash deals rotating every half hour. So, uh… well, if you want some cheap and/or free games, now’s your chance!

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is, I’m told, a Portal-esque first-person puzzler which uses Lovecraftian horror as a stand-in for humour. Back when Peter reviewed it, he called it “worthwhile, if unoriginal”; if he considered it worthwhile at full price, I’m going to assume he’d probably recommend it for the price of Completely Free.

Do note that you may not get immediate access to Magrunner: Dark Pulse. GOG notes that the download banner on the main page just adds you to the queue which needs to be processed – you’re guaranteed to get a copy, but it might take a little while. As long as you click the banner before the giveaway ends, however, you will definitely get one at some point. That said, I clicked it just now and got it within five minutes, so…

Tim McDonald
Tim has been playing PC games for longer than he's willing to admit. He's written for a number of publications, but has been with PC Invasion - in all its various incarnations - for over a decade. When not writing about games, Tim can occasionally be found speedrunning terrible ones, making people angry in Dota 2, or playing something obscure and random. He's also weirdly proud of his status as (probably) the Isle of Man's only professional games journalist.

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